WHS Serve Day – New Iberia

We joined forces with OSC–Broussard to help spruce up Westgate High School’s athletic rooms, by pressure washing and giving a little love to the areas where they prepare for games. The high school football team has an inspiring story, the kind movies are made of: going from 0-and-10 five years ago to winning the state championship this year! The Tigers beat the odds with hard work, perseverance, good coaching, and a principal who stood behind them – and without a big budget or upscale equipment. Their coach has worked to build more than a football program, but a group of young men who endeavor to “always leave a place better than they found it.”

We had great weather and a good time. Serving the coach, principal and team has been a blessing. 

We’re currently planning to serve at another big special event in May 2022 to show this team some love!

Thank You for Your Generosity!

Through your kindness and generosity Love Acadiana will continue to serve the helpless and hurting of our region. Thank you for helping us to LOVE Acadiana.